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Nexus Partners, a Silicon Valley-based consultancy, was founded and is run with the strong belief that our value is to work with our clients in solving their hardest problems in order to accelerate their growth. We are passionate about crafting customer-centric strategies and applying them to our clients’ growth and innovation objectives. 

Steve Adelman is the Founder and Managing Director of Nexus Partners. His clients have included dozens of startups and incubators from Silicon Valley, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East as well as Fortune 500 companies such as Adobe, American Express, Cisco, Citrix, HP, Hitachi, Microsoft, Palm, and VMware.

Accelerate your growth

We provide senior level expertise and focus for marketing strategies: customer discovery, market entry, and key partnerships. We help turn your strategies into success by working with you along the way. Having worked with numerous Silicon Valley startups and tech giants we have first-hand experience in seeking out new opportunities for growth. That includes helping clients from around the globe capitalize on their initial successes in home markets and help them expand – to Silicon Valley, North America, or globally.

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